Five hundred thousand Objections!


On the 29th of June, 2006 at 6:56 PM BST, somebody submitted
the five hundred thousandth Objection! to this site.



At the time, the Objection! database was acting very erratically
and due to a background backup task, the destruction of Atlantis,
and an unbelievable amount of bad luck,
at 6:54 PM the Objection! backend went a little strange.

Here's a screenshot of my administration panel:

This is actually the only thing on this page which is the truth. Looking at my e-mails, it's apparently the least believeable part of the whole story!

The fact is, there is no Objection 500,000.

It's possible that the database tripped over itself when numbering the
Objections, and Objection 500,000 never existed. It's also possible
that the request to create Objection 500,000 was terminated due to
heavy database load, and the text was lost. I can't say for sure.

There isn't a 500,000 on 4camp's database, there isn't a 500,000 on my personal
backup of the database, and there isn't a 500,000 on this new database.

I wasn't here at the time, but I did manage to grab a few minutes to check
if Objection 500,000 had been made. What I saw, was this.

I assumed that was that, and kudos went to the guys at potdpedia!
It was only later did I discover that the backend was serving out random
Objections for requests for 500,000.

It's not totally unexpected: there are some other gaps in the numbered Objection list.


You could reason that this whole mess means that technically
Objection 500,000 is Objection 500,001 ("But Gordan Freeman never wins!")...

For now, I've made Objection 500,000 into a random Objection page,
like it seemed to have been originally...

Y'all filled a page of my Gmail with suggestions for a random Objection page,
so I figured, why not!


As to the real 500,000th Objection, I have absolutely no idea.


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