Exclaim Dude!


I've been asked to share the .fla file that produces the .swf files
containing the Objection! animations. I'm not gonna do that.

Instead, I present to you 'Exclaim Dude!' starring Jack Stickman.
He doesn't take crap from anybody, as you will soon see.

It's an animation about a stickman character who stands in a courtroom,
punches a desk and says stupid stuff that you tell him to.

View it here!

(You might want to turn your volume down.)


Okay, okay, it's Objection! with everything Capcom taken out.
This specific animation is based upon the .fla for Franziska's
Objection!, because she has a lengthy intro animation, and it
was the easiest to find in my pile of backup discs.

The original animation and website were written very, very quickly
in a fit of sheer boredom during writing Lemmings DS. At the time
I couldn't believe that nobody had done it before me. (Turns out
they had, in the form of GYAKUGENE; I'd just never heard of it.)

As a result, it's a hideous mess. Oh well... a problem shared...
is a problem we all have. Am I right?


There are a number of basic components to the animation.

* A few frames at the start where it shows a completely black
screen until the animation has completely loaded.

* The 'vibrating objection' sequence where the character's
Objection! yell is played and the blam shakes about the place.

* An introductory animation where the character does something
interesting before they speak.

[Then the box appears with the dialogue in.]

* A looping animation where the character speaks one letter
of the desired text at a time.

* A final animation where the character does something after
speaking and then stops (or loops.

Download the .fla and look at the labels and the contents of the
'actions' layer to see how the animation proceeds.

To make your own character, you can replace all of the animation
sequences with ones of your own. For example: if you wanted to have
Edgeworth shrug, shake his head, and then speak, then you would have
to import those frames, arrange them so they run before the speaking
loop, and then arrange the speaking loop. You'd also have to pick some
music and appropriate sound effects.

The text that the character says is obtained from the query string:
in the HTML code (or if you invoke the .swf file directly), it looks like
https://objection.mrdictionary.net/exclaim_dude/ExclaimDude.swf?s=I'm awesome


The animation itself is released under the GNU Affero General Public
License. The lame music that's in there is CC-BY-SA.
Please read the README.txt file for the licenses and terms and stuff.

The AGPL says that if you host the animation (or a derivative) on
your website, or distribute it to anyone, it has to be under the AGPL,
and you have to give folks the .fla file if they ask for it. If you
don't like that, then please don't distribute or host the animation
or its derivatives.



.zip file contaning .fla and .swf files - 4.7 megabytes.


If you have any questions, please e-mail me at objection@mrdictionary.net.
Please do not ask me any questions about how Flash works or where you
can get it. Please visit your local library for a book, or look online
for a tutorial.