Objection! FAQ

Welcome to the Objection! FAQ.

What is Objection!? I don't understand it! Who's Phoenix Wright?

Objection! is a website that allows you to put words in the mouths of
various characters from the series: 'Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney'.

Simply type what you want the character to say in the textbox,
and click the Objection! button.

Phoenix Wright is the main character from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.
He's a rookie lawyer trying to prove himself in the world of justice,
while searching for a lost childhood friend.


How can I share my Objections with others?

Simply copy the link from the address bar after you've made your Objection!

It will look something like this:



When and where was Objection! started?

Objection was started approximately 5pm GMT on the 7th of July 2006.

It was hosted at https://objection.mrdictionary.net, at ecwhost.com

Within a week, it had used up the monthly bandwidth allowance and
was moved to 4camp.net


Then... when we hit 250GB usage at 4camp... they kicked us out, too. ^_^

We then moved to Dreamhost, and sat there for six years until
The Bad Thing happened, and everybody was sad.


How can I use the other characters?

Back in the original days of Objection!, there was only Phoenix.
Then, I added Edgeworth, who was secret.

I altered the Objection! software so it could identify codes typed
into the text box, and do super special things depending on what
you typed. The first code was for Edgeworth, and his code was (edgey).
The second code was to add music, and people guessed this code too.

No matter how wild I made the codes, people got them. And some people didn't.
And they e-mailed me. And they e-mailed me. And they e-mailed me.

There are now no more character codes.

If you still can't figure out how to use the other characters, I recommed
you dig out your Amiga, put in the The Very First disk that came with it,
and re-learn how to use a computer. Or maybe get a browser that isn't going to
let Evil Folks mess with your stuff.


Why did you get rid of codes?

It makes things simpler! Doesn't it?


Why did you try to make things simpler?

People kept writing (cheif) instead of (chief).
It wasn't even ever a secret code, people just kept copying it wrong!


But the awesome air guitar...!

Air guitars are a priviledge awarded to the blessed few, as they are in real life.


More characters? More actions? Sequences?
In fact, why not have a Whole New Awesome Editor? :)

Here's a copy of an e-mail I wrote about this:

Hiya! :)

Custom PW-like scripting sequences? You mean like this:
? :)

The reason is that I'd have to prepare every animation (let's say
every character has at least 5) for every character (at last count,
there's about 170 characters) manually. Then prepare and loop every
music track and prepare every sound effect and evidence pop-up icon.
And then make sure it works on the most recent versions of Flash
player... which constantly updates, so I'd have to keep buying the new
Flashes as they came out to make sure it worked (have you ever tried
to play an old Flash game, and it's suddenly stopped working between
different versions of Flash?).

If you'd like to see the amount of work that would entail, you could
download a visual novel editor (like RenPy) and write your own short
15 min VN with your own characters in it. Bonus points if you manually
go through every single animation frame from PW and take out the
transparent pixels, line them up so they don't jiggle around, and set
the timings and looping points right so Phoenix doesn't look like he's
having a seizure when he speaks. After you've made a couple of short
scenes, then imagine what it would be like to rewrite the RenPy
software itself on top of that.

And then I would have to deal with folks asking how on earth you're
supposed to script it. As it stands, the scripting for the test
animation looks like LISP programming language statements. Which look
a bit like this
. Sure, some people might like programming, but I'd imagine a lot of
folks would rather not do that. I'd get people asking to make a
Javascript or Flash editor where the user 'could just simply drag the
scenes together'. A bit like 'The Movies' for PC, or 'You're In The
Movies' on Xbox 360.

And THEN I would have to make a log in system so you could make your
own list of scripted gyakuten sequences like YTMND and edit them
(because there's no way in hell anybody would get theirs right first
time). And then folks would ask me to have a character import system
where they could put in their own characters. And then people would
ask me how to get the timings sorted for their imported characters.
And then I would have to have sufficient storage space and bandwidth
to store them. And then people would upload truly obscene things. And
while we're at it, why don't we put in the ability to put your own
voices and music in too.

And then I would have to support the software for the rest of my
natural life because there's no way that I'd get that right first time
either. One false move and I end up letting people edit or delete
other users objections. It's a miracle that the Objection system
doesn't fall apart at the seams as it stands.

I don't want to appear as if I'm yelling at you. I'm really not! I
really appreciate the suggestion and I really enjoy reading and
replying to e-mails. It's just that the simplest idea can *sound*
simple, but there's tons of implications that, in practice, make it a
lot more work than it could otherwise be. Making a web application
isn't something you can just do once and forget about it.

There's another approach that I think would work, but it doesn't have
the spontaneity of Objection so I don't think it's as fun. Objection
was a spontaneous thing; it was supposed to be a surprise (is it still
a surprise after six years?). A story telling system works completely
differently from a 'type in funny words into a box for instant funny'

First, what do people want?

- They want to be able to 'save their Objections'. They can't do that
at the moment because the Objection animation doesn't store the words
inside it. It's just one single flash animation that reads the words
from a hidden bit on the web page and puts them into a text box. If
you save the page with the Objection on it, you can play it back, but
it's not a simple single file you can save and play back.
- They want, as you've asked, loads of characters and loads of other
stuff. In that example, the script is loaded from a secret place, and
then it's taken apart to work out what characters are in it and load
them. (That's why it takes so long to load, it has to load all the
bits separately)
- They want mondo super scripting too.
- They also want it to work on their iPhone and Android. The playback
part of Objection is Flash only, which means it doesn't work on
iPhones at all and runs slow on Androids.

So, what would The Ultimate Objection Thing Ever have in it?

I think that the best system would be a program that you can download.
A magic box that converts story scripts into movie files. You put text
files into it and out plop a single finished AVI file with the
objection in. No compatibility problems, no funny codecs to download.
You can then share them directly with your friends on Facebook or
YouTube! You could even play them on your phone! Heck, make the thing
portable enough and you could run the story maker on your phone
directly! And then upload them to the Objection website directly! (I
mean, what's the point of the Objection site if it doesn't allow you
to upload your finished Objections anymore?)

Sure, the story maker would also have to have every single
char/music/etc. from PW in it, prepared and ready to go. And have a
simple enough interface so that the user could put in their own
char/music/etc.. And it'd have to have a movie compressor built in.
And there'd have to be a separate editor that's more friendly than
Notepad. And maybe a preview option so that you could debug your
scripts without having to watch the entire movie so far.

Movie files are quite big though... but if you only shared the scripts
around, everybody would have to have a copy of the player (or maybe
the player would have to be ported to Flash again). It would be like
RPG Maker, except more like Phoenix Wright Maker.

And even if I did all that, people would ask me if I could make
branching stories! (How would that even be possible with movie files!?
I'd have to make my... own... runtime... and... make... it... work...
on... every... platform...)

I couldn't do all that by myself. I don't like PW enough. I don't like
VNs enough.

The number of people that would be willing to help me with that would
be quite small. The number of people with the discipline, fortitude
and ridiculous singlemindedness to actually go through the animations,
write the timings and GET THEM RIGHT and compatible with everybody
else's animations would be a smaller number still.

For one to be absolutely certain one wants to make something, be it an
animation or story, is admirable. But if you're that interested in it,
you have some idea of what it entails. At this point, if you want to
do something right, your ideas are probably far beyond the
capabilities of any single tool, especially one made half-arsed by a
lazy fool such as myself. If you're that dedicated, you're
ready to level up. Download a real animation program or software

People will be in awe of your amazing creative and compositional
skill. They'll ask you what software you used to make your movies. And
you'll say 'There's no magic software that can do all that stuff. Even
if there were it would be so complicated it would become unusable.
Learn the more basic tools, assemble it yourself and your story will
be more awesome for it.'. :D

That's my advice.


See also the '1st March 2011' post in the Old News page.


Why do you have adverts?

Objection... somehow... is stupidly popular. (Still!) ^_^

The adverts are required to keep this place alive!

If you like Objection, you know what to do.


Where did you get the sprites from?

The sprites were from Court Records - A Phoenix Wright Fansite.

Much kudos for them and their sprite ripping and sorting capabili-power!


Do you know about GYAKUGENE?

I only saw Gyakugene a few days after Objection! went online at mrdictionary.net


Who got Objection! 500,000?

A very good question.


This objection wont work! It has no text!

Some just don't have text...
Maybe they forgot to type some in?


Why didn't you answer my e-mail?

I very probably didn't receive it. ._. Please try sending it again. 

I endeavour to reply to all e-mails I receive.


Thank you for using Objection! ^_^


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