1st March 2011,

Hey there! How are you?

Wait a minute, if you're here, that means you're not playing Ghost Trick!
What on Earth are you thinking?! Play it now!


12th March 2010, Hello there! Has it been (almost) four years already? ^_^
How are you all?

My butt has been soundly kicked into gear by a number of persistent
e-mail fellows who are politely, but firmly, asking many questions
that I haven't yet answered.

I will now answer (some of) your questions!

First up, I got rid of the numbers code on the FAQ Page.
Kudos to the good sports who had a crack at solving it and figured
out the music code, which is (tunes).

Type it into the objection box the same way you use attorney codes.
Each character has their own music based on what you'd most likely
be hearing when they object.

Somewhat belated applause to the residents of the Court Records and
GameFAQs forums who managed to guess Franziska's code within minutes
of me mentioning that I'd added her!

All of the characters that are currently included in Objection! are
now listed on the Attorneys page.

When I originally wrote the Objection! animation, it was supposed to
be a surprise. That's why there's little in the way of a loading screen
or what have you. It literally screams for your attention. I think it
kinda loses its effect if you keep using it over and over again (for
three years). Many folks ask me why they can't make Phoenix say Hold
It! or Take That! (And I dug myself a hole here, because I added this
to the FAQ and implied that I would.) Each attorney's Objection! is a
pair of Flash animations (with and without music). Each animation is
made seperately (there's no 'system' to simply importing the animations
with the correct sound effects and timing). To do every animation in
this way would take way too long. There are a LOT of characters in the
series. Plus, there would be hundreds and hundreds of fiddly text
codes running every which way!

It is very, very unlikely that I will add alternate music codes for
any of the characters, Hold It!, Take That!, witness testimonies,
alternate character (reaction) animations, the Court Record screen,
custom character importing, the special evidence examination screens
(luminol, 3D view, etc.), the penalty bar, the orchestral music, the
walking-around mode from Investigations, or write a standalone version
for the Nintendo DS or iPhone. (Capcom would kill me! Again!)

As it is, the characters simply say 'Objection!', which is fine... I hope...
(The Judge is an exception).

To add all the extra things I've listed here, it really would be better
to throw everything away and start from scratch...

There is a prototype 'Objection! 2' I'd previously hidden here, which
I've called 'Turnabout Tales', but it's only been seen by very
few people. It's nowhere near complete.

Here's a really basic sample script playback. Click the arrow icon to proceed.

It's like Objection!, but it had an XML-like scripting engine, so you
could trigger animations, coloured words, evidence boxes, multiple
characters in one sequence, incidental sound effects and music. Sadly,
the whole thing got way too complicated, so I hid it in a box and
never looked at it again.

I wouldn't be able to devote the time to making a site that could do the
concept justice (as it were)... you'd need a preview mode, edit mode,
ratings, login system, etc.

Also, could you imagine what would happen if you could import
custom characters from files? >_<

Effectively, I'd be rewriting YouTube, but with Tales scripts instead of video files.

This also means no animated GIF export support, and no saving
'finished' Objections to your hard drive.
, (Saving them is actually really easy. You have to 'save' it to play it,
after all. It's playing them again that's the hard bit.)

Also, Apollo Justice was awful and it totally put me off
doing anything PW related ever again.

If I were to add any more characters, they wouldn't be from PW.
Derek Stiles, Yami Yugi and Haruhi Suzumiya were top of the pile.

If you really like PW and Flash animations in general, I recommend
that you find yourself some animation tools and learn to create your
own animations, with your very own characters!

In the meantime, why don't you check out the .fla file that I use to
make the Objection! animations! Scroll back up to the top of the page
and click the link to see how the magic happens!


6th March 2009,

That'll make it three million Objections!


2nd March 2009, Observe! Dafoose and Roll450 have sent in a Phoenix Wright wallpaper!
You can download it here!

(Be careful though... Okay, I can't think of anything this time.)


13th January 2009, Hey again! I'm back from Christmas stuff, so here's
another way cool wallpaper by Pikminism!

(Be careful though, it's a big mug of coffee.)


7th December 2008, Hey!

Download this way cool Apollo Justice wallpaper by Pikminism!

(Be careful though, Case 1 spoilers!)


23rd September 2008, Have you Voted Phoenix today?


10th August 2008, I just got off the phone with what seems like the entire Internet.

They have informed me that there is a new GameFAQs Character Battle



9th July 2008, Cocomonk22 has braved the elements and deftly created
some Phoenix Wright inspired apparel at their Zazzle shop. Take That!


19th June 2008, A stranger named Karma has e-mailed in a series
of eldritch MML codes for Mabinogi, allowing you to play
Phoenix Wright music on the ingame instruments.

I'm afraid I don't understand it myself,
but I'm assured Mabinogi players will love it. ^_^


26th February 2008, Gotcha! Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice is out in the US!

Grab it from Play Asia (in English!) for a ridiculously low price.

And I'm not going to tell you his code, so don't ask!


14th October 2007, More evidence! More Turnabout Psychotic! Go go go!


20th September 2007, Phoenix Wright is doing well in the GameFAQs contest!
Make sure to support him in his next match on October 10th!

In the meantime, Dark Mousy 1993 has thrown caution to the wind and submitted
twelve pages of Turnabout Psychotic. I daren't read it. But you should. Right now.


16th August 2007, The exuberant swirl dude writes:

Hello there, long time no e-mail!

I'm writing to tell you that the GameFAQs Contest of 2007 has released its bracket.

There are now 128 characters, with 4 man matches where
2 advance each round. And I'm pleased to say that not
only are both Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth in the
field, but both have a chance at moving onto Round 2,
or even farther!

But they will need help to achieve such feats, and as
the owner of the popular Objection! site, I thought you
would like to know about this so you can give a heads
up to everyone who passes by your site (like you did
with Phoenix/Gordon, a shame that didn't end up well).


You can also fill in your own bracket if you like.

Here are the tentative dates for the Phoenix/Edgey matches:

Friday, September 14th: Bomberman vs Crash Bandicoot
                        vs Phoenix Wright vs Magus: Top 2 advance.

Saturday, September 15th: Agent J vs Bidoof vs Miles Edgeworth
                          vs Link: Top 2 advance.

Tuesday, October 16th: Round 2 for Phoenix Wright: Top 2 advance.

Wednesday, Octoebr 17th: Round 2 for Miles Edgeworth: Top 2 advance.

Who knows what we can do with the votes splitting 4 ways!

Let's support our lawyers!

Snap to it!


5th June 2007, News just in: Katie Tiedrich's comics are awesome. That's about it.


14th April 2007, Mia, Mia, Mia! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 3 is coming,
and we have Capcom's Mia!

Of course, it pales in comparison to your refined, unpredictable, stern, loud and fun Mias. ^_^

Also, Nate would like to share his PW guitar tab with y'all!


8th April 2007, It seems like Nephenee has decided that it's nowhere
near surreal enough in here


13th March 2007, That crazy trickster Daxter D has thrown me a stack of comics
for the Evidence Room! Go for it!


27th February 2007, Huzzah! More evidence has arrived, such as Dennis' groovy Edgeworth sketch!

I'm having a bit of e-mail weirdness at the moment. If you've emailed me,
and haven't had a reply for a month, try e-mailing me again.

If it's a question about Objection!, you'll find most answers
in the mrdictionary.net forum. ^_^


22nd January 2007, Oh no!

....GameFAQs has a new contest!
Best. Quote. Ever.

You thinking what I'm thinking?




Just type in "Objection!" No quotes, from the game
series "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney."

Let's make sure Phoenix wins something for once!
And Gordon has no quotes other than "...," so he's
no problem this time!



26th December 2006, My own website, mrdictionary.net, is back online!

It has a forum, and loads of other rubbish!


23rd December 2006, Stave off those Winter blues with a whole new stash of Cold Killer Z!

There's some PW 2 spoilers in there, so be warned!

As always, there's a fistful of Phoenix Wrong to be had at The Phoenix Wrong Website, too. ^_^


30th November 2006, Hola there, Phoenix fans!

Sword of Forums Extreme sent in this set of PW/Objection! userbars for y'all!

And there's even more Phoenix Wrong at The Phoenix Wrong Website!


17th November 2006, More Evidence!

And even more Phoenix Wrong! \o/
There's quite a few Phoenix Wrongs now... it's hard to keep track of 'em all.

Luckily, the folks at The Phoenix Wrong Website do
all the hard work for you! Huzzah!

(Watch Phoenix Wrong: No S**t Sherlock today!)


4th November 2006, Shambles and shakes, folks! ^_^ How's tricks?
Winston Payne is on the other attorneys page, if you want to use him.

There's way way more Cold Killer Z in the Evidence Room, together with some more wallpapers!


24th October 2006, I demand you check out Chloe's Phoenix Wright sig in the Evidence room!
And Phoenix Wright: Justice for All is out in Japan! Huzzah! ^_^ d


19th October 2006, A big hug for Scott! Yay! :3


17th October 2006, More Phoenix Wright themed madness
in the Evidence Room!

Check out Objection! by PitLine810, and
Phoenix Wright Destroys Everything! by KyubiSan.


14th October 2006, Still feeling a bit under the weather?

It's time for the second dose of Cold Killer Z!


6th October 2006, Gyaaahh!

The universe ended. Darn.

(That's why it said '6rd', of course.)

More Phoenix Wright craziness in the Evidence room!
Presenting Cold Killer Z, courtesy of Galye!


3rd October 2006, It's time, folks!

It's Phoenix Wright versus Gordon Freeman in the
most treacherous case of his life.

The prize? The right to exist.

Only you can help Phoenix Wright.

Click here to go directly to GameFAQs.


9th September 2006, Offline, schmoffline! The downtime lasted about a minute,
thanks to the helpful folks of both GoDaddy and Dreamhost, and we're back in business!

Please stop e-mailing me about Phoenix Wrong!


7th September 2006, We're going offline soon momentarily because of domain issues. ;-;

Loads of people keep sending me links to YouTube PW videos...
New 'Videos' section in Evidence. :)


6th September 2006, A million Objections, eh? How about that!

Apologies for making Objection! go all Silent Scope
just then, but it had to be done.

I think the Evidence room is working now, huzzah!
(Which means I've finally managed to answer some of your e-mails!)

100 EXP to MrBubbles for bringing a lot of cool stuff to my attention,
fluffy kittens to the artists behind it all. ^_^

Still don't know who drew the chibi Phoenix in the corner, though. ._.


3rd September 2006, ... ;)

I've been up to... stuff.

Oh yeah, folks keep suggesting that I should get some kind of
Phoenix Wright 2 pre-order type thing up, so I can pay
for hosting and donuts... (mostly hosting... but mainly donuts)

You can pre-order Gyakuten Saiban 2 on the DS dirt-cheap from
this here Play-Asia link doohicky.

(It says it has English, just like GS1 on the DS did.)

According to the site, it comes out on October 26th, but you can pre-order it now.

Never used Play-Asia myself, but at that price... ^_^


2nd September 2006, Hello there! :)

I am Mia Fey is finally over, phew!

You know... I think this way works out better.

In the very least, like Marge Simpson once said:
"It's an ending; that's enough." ^_^

More database jiggles and pokes... the FAQ page is becoming strangely
slow, but I'm working on some Magic Things that can fix some of that.

I've put the 'Evidence' page up with some wallpapers
and other items folks have sent to Objection!

Don't worry if something you've submitted isn't there yet...
zap me another e-mail and I'll get right on it!


28th August 2006, How's tricks, folks? ^_^

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much lately, I've had some family
business to take care of. Hopefully that's all sorted now, though.

There's been a couple more behind-the-scenes fiddles. Thank
you to all the folks who e-mailed me about the 'black screen' bug.

The 16th of August has been and gone, and there's no Mia
Fey yet. We've listened to 'em all over here at Objection HQ... but
but we're having trouble choosing just one!

You're all just too damn good!

In other news, y'all managed to get Phoenix Wright into
The Great GameFAQs Character Battle V! He's up against some
tough competition, though, so he needs your help!


Y'all filled up a couple of pages of my e-mail by sending
that exact same message, by the way. >_<

Hopefully I've replied to everyone...


10th August 2006, Hi there!

I've fixed some more weirdness on the FAQ page, and I've hopefully
fixed the weird blank page which is returned when you try
to go to an Objection which doesn't exist.

There have been a lot of excellent Mia Fey submissions! Thank you all!

I've decided to bring 'I am Mia Fey' to a close on the 16th August,
so try to make sure to get your submission in before then!


5th August 2006, More database and backend updates and upgrades!

We've received an important message from Phoenix Wright fans at GameFAQs.

Do your part for everybody's favourite attorney!


1st August 2006, We're back!

Yeah... we were kicked off the Internet again.

Many thanks for the support from all those who e-mailed
me during Objection!'s downtime. ^_^

Hmm, it seems there's quite a number of interesting
theories about Objection 500,000.

I guess I may have some explaining to do.


28th July 2006, OBJECTION!

His bizarre... thing... that he used to do is now fixed, I hope.
Many thanks to those who reported the bug!


26th July 2006, And that's the end of Clicksor. Google's in.


25th July 2006, Wahey! The first (that I've seen) Liar Liar quote!


24th July 2006, We hit 200,000 objections! Wotcher, Chase! ^_^

If anybody knows a good alternative to Clicksor (who have suspended my
account, whoopie!), let me know. The impressions counter and the other totals
were frozen, and they're STILL not answering their support tickets.


23rd July 2006, Oh boy... I am incredibly sorry. The popups were nothing
to do with me. It was a measure implemented by our current host, 4camp, who
are under immense pressure from the popularity of Objection, and have been more
than reasonable about the unbelievably high server demands placed upon them.

If you can recommend a web-host, please don't hesitate to e-mail me! Thank you.

In the meantime, say hi to Clicksor ads. Please... think of the poor lawyers! ^_^


Objection! At 2:19AM British Summer Time on the 16th of July,
you guys knocked Objection! clean off the internet!

We're back again, with a new host... hopefully I can keep tabs on this one,
and not let everything get out of hand!

Now get to it!